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Chat with Rick Edwards on BBC Radio 5 live discussing latest on Covid-19 across the UK (06 January)

Interview on BBC Radio 5 Live with Rick Edwards discussing the latest situation on #Covid19 across the country.

We are seeing a rapid rise in cases across the country with rises faster in Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland than in England. England has the lowest case rate at the moment.

We are seeing more patients in hospitals but some of this is driven by more patients with the virus rather than being in because of it. The good news is we are seeing little change in patients in intensive care.

Deaths are currently 83% lower than this time last year and the vast majority of those who are most vulnerable have has a booster vaccine.

It is likely we will see an increase in deaths in the coming weeks following the rise in cases but remember the daily deaths figures are people who die with a positive test. With so many more people with Omicron, and so many more people in hospital with the virus, but not for it, there will be an increase in deaths not for Covid but with it.

Around 61% of patients in intensive care in England are unvaccinated and if you compare two people with similar characteristics, the unvaxxed person is more likely to be admitted than the vaxxed person. It does vary significantly by age and personal characteristics. We know those who are obese are overrepresented in intensive care with Covid also.

I think we will be over the worst of this by February looking at how things have evolved in some other countries.

Chatting with Nick De Bois on Talk Radio on people misrepresenting Covid stats (31 December)

Interview with Nick De Bois on Talk Radio discussing how the media and politicians have been misrepresenting Covid19 statistics over recent weeks. Boris Johnson has also been at it as well as Sajid Javid in particular when it comes to stats including vaccination status.

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🚨🚨 Mark Drakeford - 'What the actual figures show ...is that the measures we took in Wales were both necessary and effective;


➡️ No clear evidence restrictions in Wales led to better outcomes than parts of England

I explain the numbers 👇👇

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About Me

Award winning analytical leader with over 20 years experience of leading multi-disciplinary teams

Two decades leading teams to tell data driven stories with the aim to educate business leaders, policymakers, media organisations, and the public.

Statistician and analyst with 21 years’ experience of leading teams to interrogate and bring data sources together to deliver actionable insights and create business data strategies. I specialise in thinking outside of the box to provide decision makers answers to the problems they have not yet thought of. With skills in the latest cutting-edge data visualisation tools, I have won many awards for communicating insights effectively with nonspecialists, including acting as media spokesperson as well as board-level presentations.


Media Commentator

With over 10 years of providing regular contributions to media shows, I am a go-to person when you need industry insight for your shows.

Regular contributor across the media on platforms such as BBC, ITV, Talk Radio, Times Radio and LBC. View or listen to past interviews through my media page

Data Visualisation

I have won several awards for presentation of data from the United Nations and Royal Statistical Society and was the inspiration behind the Office for National Statistics introducing infographics within publications.

Public bodies and business collect so much data every day but that data is of little use unless it tells a story to influence policy making or business decisions. 

In a world where 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual and where we process visuals 60,000x faster than text, data visualisation is critical to provide the valuable context of trends, patterns, and outliers within data.

Data Analysis

Experienced at putting data analysis at the heart of business decisions, I specialise in thinking outside of the box to provide decision makers answers to the problems they have not yet thought of. Vast experience of communicating data analysis at board-level to non experts. 

At the ONS I implemented a new business strategy to put the department at the heart of UK health analysis which led to several collaborations that have saved lives.

Using my influencing skills I challenged a policy proposal by the Chancellor of the Exchequer using data analysis which led to them shelving a public sector pay policy.

Leadership and management

I have vast experience of leading and managing teams both within public and private bodies. This includes managing data analysts, economists, researchers, generalists and administrative staff.

During my time within the Civil Service I was selected for the Future Leaders Scheme that identifies the top 1% of talent for extensive leadership training.

I also have completed leadership programmes at the Roffey Park Institute


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