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Jamie Jenkins chat with Mike Graham on Wales 20mph limits & highest taxes for 70 years 29/09/23

The new 20mph limit in Wales has caused uproar, with a petition to revoke the limit having over 447 thousand signatures, including around 422 thousand from within Wales. The number of people in Wales who have signed the petition is not far off the total number of people who voted for Welsh Labour to be elected into power.

Bus journeys across the country are being impacted, with journeys taking longer. This has resulted in some buses having to cancel the end of their journeys and turn around as they have run out of time. Bus services are also being cut across Wales, so this has a double impact as they cannot increase the number of buses to account for the increased journey times.

If the Welsh Government wants to make things safer, they should focus on building more bypass roads away from pedestrians rather than cutting speed limits. Rishi Sunak has realised that this policy is making people angry, which is why he is putting pressure on England not to follow suit.

This current parliament sitting has seen the highest increases in tax take since the war, as the public now pays back all the ‘free’ money paid out during the pandemic. £70 billion was spent on furlough, which went on longer than it needed to. The official estimates range from between £310 billion and £412 billion spent by the UK Government on the Covid response.

When Boris Johnson was elected in 2019, 33% of national income was collected in tax, and this is expected to be 37% by the time of the next election. This equates to £100 billion extra in tax take than if tax levels remained the same. Margaret Thatcher once said that there is no good thinking someone else will pay, that someone else is you. All the ‘handouts’ are being taken back in tax.

In 2022, we saw a £150 billion increase in energy bills across the UK, a huge wealth transfer with some of that money paid for by the Government. Just last week, we had Sunak increase the ‘subsidy’ for getting a heat pump – again, more taxpayers’ money being spent.

We are seeing lots of people being dragged into higher rates of tax because they are having wage increases, but the tax bands are not rising in line with the increases. The best people to decide how to spend the money they earn are the people who earn the money themselves.

Jamie Jenkins chat Mark Steyn on very poor NHS waiting times in the UK 22/05/22 

NHS waiting lists continue to rise – hitting a record 7.3m in March 2023. They have generally risen over the past decade but this accelerated through the pandemic as priorities were switched towards Covid.
People paying to go abroad because they cannot wait with many stories of patients going to Europe for treatment.
Keir Starmer has set out his plans to reform the NHS in England, but the Welsh NHS under his own Labour Party is much worse than Tory-run England. There are around 30k patients who have been on waiting lists in Wales for over two years compared with around 500 in England, despite the population being 18 times lower.
The percentage of patients starting Cancer treatment within two months following a GP referral has hit an all-time low in recent months, with 2 out of 5 patients not starting treatment in this time period.

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Award winning analytical leader with over 20 years experience of leading multi-disciplinary teams

Two decades leading teams to tell data driven stories with the aim to educate business leaders, policymakers, media organisations, and the public.

Statistician and analyst with 21 years’ experience of leading teams to interrogate and bring data sources together to deliver actionable insights and create business data strategies. I specialise in thinking outside of the box to provide decision makers answers to the problems they have not yet thought of. With skills in the latest cutting-edge data visualisation tools, I have won many awards for communicating insights effectively with nonspecialists, including acting as media spokesperson as well as board-level presentations.


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With over 10 years of providing regular contributions to media shows, I am a go-to person when you need industry insight for your shows.

Regular contributor across the media on platforms such as BBC, ITV, Talk Radio, Times Radio and LBC. View or listen to past interviews through my media page

Data Visualisation

I have won several awards for presentation of data from the United Nations and Royal Statistical Society and was the inspiration behind the Office for National Statistics introducing infographics within publications.

Public bodies and business collect so much data every day but that data is of little use unless it tells a story to influence policy making or business decisions. 

In a world where 90% of the information sent to the brain is visual and where we process visuals 60,000x faster than text, data visualisation is critical to provide the valuable context of trends, patterns, and outliers within data.

Data Analysis

Experienced at putting data analysis at the heart of business decisions, I specialise in thinking outside of the box to provide decision makers answers to the problems they have not yet thought of. Vast experience of communicating data analysis at board-level to non experts. 

At the ONS I implemented a new business strategy to put the department at the heart of UK health analysis which led to several collaborations that have saved lives.

Using my influencing skills I challenged a policy proposal by the Chancellor of the Exchequer using data analysis which led to them shelving a public sector pay policy.

Leadership and management

I have vast experience of leading and managing teams both within public and private bodies. This includes managing data analysts, economists, researchers, generalists and administrative staff.

During my time within the Civil Service I was selected for the Future Leaders Scheme that identifies the top 1% of talent for extensive leadership training.

I also have completed leadership programmes at the Roffey Park Institute


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