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Latest chat with Mike Graham on discussing the Bank of England interest rate hike and continuing travel restrictions across the world (05 May 2022)

Energy companies across the UK are increasing direct debits from consumers in anticipation of the rise in energy prices. Check though as some of the companies increasing it lots and banking the money. You would get it back with credit but for some people they may end up overdrawn.

The Bank of England have put up interest rates and you would usually do this to encourage more people to save, or to reduce the amount of money in pockets for those with mortgages linked to the variable rate.

The target inflation rate is around 2-2.5% but inflation running closer to 7%. But what is driving the rising prices is household costs such as energy, food prices, transport costs for their car.

Over the past year interest rates have gone up from 0.1% to 1.0%, and if you have a £150k mortgage over 20 years and on a tracker, your mortgage payments would have gone up £777 per year. It’s closer to £1500 if you live in Greater London.

One thing the Bank of England does need to consider is we are in a world economy and other countries such as the USA are increasing interest rates. So if we do not follow suit, it encourages people to invest money into the dollar, impacting on the value of the pound.

On travel, the UK has dropped all travel requirements but some countries still have them in force. Germany and Spain you cannot travel in if you are unvaccinated or proof of a having had Covid in past 6 months, but for many people they are not having tests to obtain the proof. For Spain if you’re last vaccine was over 270 days ago, so 9 months ago, which will be most who did not have a booster, you have to have another one to be classed as fully vaccinated to go into the country.

This is all madness because the latest data from the ONS shows that those who had their last Covid vaccine between 3 and 6 months ago, they are just as likely to get #Covid19 as someone who is unvaccinated. So the data does not support a segregation of people with differing policies.

Chat with Nick Ferrari on LBC discussing excess deaths across the world (06 May 2022)

No country has come out well in all of this but to overcome differences in how countries record deaths it is important to look at total deaths and those above average.

What is striking is that in the first year of the pandemic the UK fared badly along with Italy and Spain and Germany did not do too bad. But in the second year Germany fared much worse despite being held up as a good example previously.

Politicians such as Keir Starmer and Angela Rayner were premature saying the UK has one of the worst death tolls in Europe, which is not the case when looking at population size and excess deaths.

So far this year we have seen deaths below average for the time of year and things getting back to normal levels.

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➡️ In 2017, 70% of UK gas storage shut as Government would not help with maintenence costs.

➡️ We currently have too much gas & sending to Europe.

💥 Come Autumn we won't have enough and energy security failure a factor.

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